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Ivy League Applications

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Ivy League Applications

Ivy League Applications – some of the most prestigious universities in the world

Elab’s Ivy League Applications programme focuses on this prestigious group of academic institutions in the USA, which invariably head the world university rankings. The returns on such an investment after graduation are huge. Candidates to top-ranked US universities must demonstrate sophisticated presentation skills, debating talents and logical thinking – and pass an entry examination.

Elab provides essential guidance on preparing for each stage of the application process to maximise your chances of success.

Elab’s Ivy League programme provides:

from a Consultant based on student assessment and diagnostic testing 

and guidance on the application process

to ensure you submit well -prepared application forms, reflecting your academic abilities and your language skills. 

Personalised study programme for SAT exam prep, interviews or other required tests/essays

on studying in the US, including accommodation and costs

in the Common Apps system

Besides Ivy League universities, Elab has helped students to study in other US universities, including Berkeley NYU, Chicago, UCLA, MIT, University of East Carolina, Boston, Fordham and Hult.

Outline of the programme

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